Ayr Renaissance Current Projects

Ayr Riverside Block

The Ayr Riverside Block consists of the land previously occupied by 8-48 High Street.  The site has a prominent location within the old town of Ayr with frontages on to the High Street and the River.

The Riverside Block presents an exciting opportunity to create a new environment for residents and visitors to enjoy the old town of Ayr and the views of the River.

The Conservation Area Consent was granted in February 2017, alongside a masterplan for the site.  This allowed demolition to commence, and was completed in November 2017.

South Ayrshire Council prepared a scheme for the Phase 1 of the development including temporary public realm and office space.  This application was refused in May 2018.

Plans for the future development of the Riverside Block are currently being considered by South Ayrshire Council and Ayr Renaissance, with clarity on next steps expected by September 2018.

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Ayr Town Centre Public Spaces

Ayr Renaissance has appointed consultants to undertake a review of the public spaces in Ayr Town Centre, with a focus on spaces at Burns Statue Square, Affleck’s Block and the High Street.

The review will introduce an overarching strategy for public spaces in Ayr Town Centre and identify options for the redevelopment of Burns Statue Square and Affleck’s Block.  Burns Statue Square has specifically been identified as a priority given its current road dominated layout, the project seeks to address the pedestrian and cycle experience on the square, improving the pedestrian experience for residents and visitors.

Initial views were invited from members of the public at the Town Centre Exhibition in March 2018, this was followed by an exhibition of emerging options on 18 May and 18 and 20 June 2018.

The exhibition slides can be viewed below.  Comments on these options are invited until 13 July 2018 and can be submitted to [email protected]

A further consultation will be held later in the Summer 2018 to present preferred options.  This consultation will be advertised on this website, in the Ayrshire Post and on social media.

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Ayr Town Centre Management

Ayr Renaissance has coordinated the formation of the Ayr Town Centre Steering Group in August 2014.

The Town Centre Steering Group comprises individuals who represent retailers, business owners, police Scotland, the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr Renaissance and South Ayrshire Council. The group meets regularly and supports plans and proposals to improve the shopping experience within Ayr.

The Town Centre Steering Group acts as a network for local businesses, it has developed a website with a dedicated forum for business interaction and holds regular business engagement events.

The Town Centre Steering Group recognised the importance of events to the experience in the town centre, and established the concept of Tamfest, a Halloween event promoting one of Robert Burns most famous poems, Tam O’Shanter.  The inaugural Tamfest event was a great success on 31st October 2015, and the event continues to go from strength to strength with planning underway for the October 2018 event.

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Ayr Through the Ages Heritage Trail

Ayr Renaissance was awarded funding from the Coastal Community Fund to create a new Heritage Trail for Ayr. The motivation is to promote feelings of pride and ownership of the towns heritable assets and create a tangible sense of Ayr’s important part in Scotland’s rich history.

The trail consists of 7 locations in key historic areas in the town centre.  Each location includes a piece of public art and accompanying signage.  A heritage trail mobile phone app has been released “Ayr Through The Ages” which will guide visitors around Ayr’s heritage.

The Heritage Trail app is available to download now, with a guided tour of the locations due to take place on 11 August 2018.

Further information is available at www.ayrthroughtheages.com

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The Grain Exchange

Ayr Renaissance received Scottish Government and South Ayrshire Council funding for the purchase and refurbishment of the former Clydesdale Bank Building on High Street.

The building, on the location of the town’s original Meal Market, had lain vacant for approximately 9 years. It is a listed building in a state of serious disrepair and is on the Buildings at Risk Register.

The concept for the refurbishment of the building is for the creation of an indoor/outdoor market and events space on the ground floor with office accommodation on the floors above.

It is intended that this project will improve permeability and footfall at this important juncture of Newmarket Street and High Street.

The main works contractor is currently on-site and is due to complete in July 2018, with the property opening in September 2018.

The ground floor space will be a flexible environment for a wide variety of markets, events and activities.  If you are interested in using the space please contact Ayr Renaissance for further information.

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Town Centre Strategy Review

The original Ayr Renaissance Town Centre Strategy document was published in January 2007, the priority project for the redevelopment of the Riverside Block was a key element of this plan.

However, the retail and economic climate has shifted significantly in Scotland since 2007 and a refreshed strategy is required to ensure effective delivery of regeneration priorities in the future.

Ayr Renaissance, having secured additional Scottish Government funding, is currently undertaking a review of the Ayr Renaissance Town Centre Strategy, which is expected to be complete in Autumn 2018.

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